Comparing and contrasting views between Gardner and Udall

Comparing and contrasting views between Gardner and Udall
Health care – Gardner believes in health care reform, but not in the Affordable Care Act and has repeatedly vocalized criticism towards Udall's support of the measure known as Obamacare. “Health … He cosponsored H.R. 525: Industrial Hemp Farming Act …
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GOP hopefuls for US Senate define others; Udall calls them partiers
Owen Hill of Colorado Springs, referencing the leaker who brought the NSA kerfuffle to light then fled the country to avoid criminal charges. “We needed a Mark Udall to stand up for the American people … After Edward Snowden left, then all of the …
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Gamechanger: Gardner and Buck Upset the Applecart
By deciding to forego a re-election run for his Congressional seat and instead seek Mark Udall's Senate seat, Gardner will help bring a bring national spotlight and millions of dollars to Colorado's election this fall. The unique facet of this move is …
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Rep. Jared Polis again seeks help on mountain insurance rates
Jared Polis sought relief again with Colorado's Division of Insurance this week, asking if there was anything the state agency could do to lower health insurance rates in mountain communities. Polis, a Boulder Democrat who supports the Affordable Care …
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